Best new Early Access Android games to download today
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Best new Early Access Android games to download today



Finding new games on the Google Play store is a never-ending challenge, so we’ve put the effort in for you to find some of the best new and currently unreleased Early Access games available.

Naturally, as they’re unreleased, you might still find some issues and errors. There shouldn’t be anything too major, but you’ve been warned. This list will be updated over time, so feel free to bookmark it for future.

SUP Multiplayer Racing

Up to 4-person, live multi-player racing with a bright graphical style you’re either going to love or hate. To race your way to the top, you’ll need to upgrade your cars – and once you’ve had enough of everything the game has to offer, you can start creating your own tracks too.

Super Sticky Bros

If platformer games are too frustrating for you generally, try Super Sticky Bros – it’s not easy, but there’s no limit on the number of times you can die and you’ll never have to go back too far when you do.

The controls are ridiculously simple too, with just left, right and jump buttons on-screen. Your goal, ultimately, is to reach the top of the screen, which continually extends upwards. It’s a pretty addictive, free, little time-killer.

The Beginner's Guide to Android Game Development

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  • The Beginner s Guide to Android Game Development

Product Description

Android Game Development Made Easy. If you've always wanted to make Android games but didn't know where to start, this book is for you. Whether you are an absolute beginner with no programming experience or an experienced Java developer wanting to get started with game development, this comprehensive book will help you accomplish your goals and teach you how to build your own games from scratch-no game engines needed. In this beginner-friendly guide, you will find focused, step-by-step approaches designed to help you learn and practice one fundamental concept at a time. You will study Java and write object-oriented applications. You will experiment with the building blocks of Android and create fun, interactive 2D games with touch controls. You will even learn how to integrate social features such as a global leaderboard and publish your game to be shared with the billion Android users across the world. This book provides access to an extensive library of sample Java and Android...




Forward Assault

Forward Assault is more of one to watch for future potental than it is one to play right now if you like your games polished. Or finished.

The game is the follow up to the hugely popular (between 5 and 10 million downloads) Bullet Force, and keeps to the first-person shooter genre. With realistic graphics for both locations and weapons, what Forward Assault offers is worth checking out.


If facing wave after wave of foes in a tower defense game is more your speed, Antidote is one of the better new pre-launches to hit Google Play.

In essence, you need to defend the body from attacking infections, bacteria and other bodily ne’erdowells by tactically deploying your defenses. With 17 levels and 14 different abilities to check out already, it’s not far from release.

Bonus game!

Battle of Polytopia

This one is no longer an unreleased game, but it’s been taking so much of my gaming time lately that it’d be remiss not to mention it.

Battle of Polytopia is a turn-based strategy game that pits your tribe, with unique starting talents, against other tribes on a square map. When you start, only your own small patch of the map is visible, but as you explore and research new abilities you’ll come up against rival tribes.

How you deal with them is up to you.

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Publishing to Google Play (Mobile .APK file) - Game Mechanics - Unity 3D

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Stack - Making 'Stack' Android game [C#][Stream VOD]

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How to share your real-time location with Google Maps



Real-time location features were once a part of Latitude, which Google put out to pasture some years back, but have since been absent from its mapping platform, allowing for apps like Glympse to fill the void. Now Google’s bringing the feature back to maps.

Rather than having to go into Google+, add a contact and offer to share your location, now all you need to do is open Google Maps (on Android or iOS), open the navigation menu and click ‘Share Location’.

Then you can choose to either share with a specific Google contact or get a link to send via a third-party service like WhatsApp; you also get to choose the duration of how long they can see your location, or whether it should be permanent.

There’s a new ‘Share Trip’ option coming too, to give people a more accurate picture of your time of arrival than currently.

The option hasn’t appeared for us yet, but Google says it’s rolling out worldwide “soon”.

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How to use the Google Pixel Launcher on non-Pixel phones



Google Pixel Launcher

Google’s Pixel Launcher first leaked onto the scene back in August last year, and then got an official introduction alongside the Pixel and Pixel XL, but if you have any other device and navigate your way to the Play Store, you won’t be able to download it.

This isn’t a problem, however. Just follow the steps below to get it running on your phone (you need Androi 5.0 or newer for it to work).

How to install Pixel Launcher

Navigate your way to APK Mirror’s Pixel Launcher page and select the version number you want. Generally, the newest is the one to go for unless you have a specific reason for needing an older version.

Then ensure you have the setting to allow installation of apps from unknown sources checked. You can find this in Settings > Security (sometimes called ‘Lockscreen and security‘) and then toggle to allow installation. Usually, it will ask you if you just want to allow a single installation. This is all you’ll need to do, and is the safer option.

Once installed, tapping the home screen button should be enough to enable a prompt asking which launcher you want to use.

Uninstalling Pixel Launcher

Oddly, in our testing, after installing Pixel Launcher, it didn’t appear in the list of installed apps, so if you ever change your mind and want to uninstall it, you can always head to Settings > Apps and find it there. You’ll need to Force Stop it before you can uninstall it though.


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DJs, listen up: Edjing Mix 6 has arrived with a bunch of cool new features



OK, if you’re not a DJ or at least somewhat interested in music and making your own, you can pretty much stop reading now. Honestly, what were you thinking even clicking on that title if you didn’t expect this?

The rest of you, Edjing’s released the sixth version of its Mix DJ app, and the new version brings with it a whole host of handy new tools, including a completely overhauled interface (to make it easier to use), a new sampler that has colored drum pads on each deck and an overhauled audio engine with new effects that can be introduced into a mix in real-time.

Perhaps the most interesting thing, however, is that the app now supports more traditional DJing hardware, like MIDI and DVS (Digital Vinyl System) – so now you can connect your vinyl decks to the app too. Naturally, it’ll play nicely with the company’s own wireless ‘Mixfader’ crossfader too.

It’s free to download and available for iOS right now, with an Android version following along soon.

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