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How to use CoSchedule to simplify your content marketing and social posts


How to use CoSchedule to simplify your content marketing and social posts

Anyone that runs a blog knows that a huge part of most site's traffic comes from social channels, which means that having a strategy (yes, an actual strategy) is a must for any brand that wants to grow awareness through blog posts, videos and other content.

There are a whole bunch of different tools available to simplify the basic process of sharing to social networks from a platform like WordPress (our example, as this site runs on it) but few live up to their promises.

CoSchedule is one that manages to, and does so with the minimum of fuss - but it doesn't come free.

That's sure to put a whole lot of people off, but if you need to keep track of a lot of different social and blog content, it'll quickly pay for itself in the time it saves you from manually posting.


For more advanced editorial and marketing needs, it has a more complete set of tools - but most individuals and small-to-medium size businesses will have plenty at their disposal with the cheaper tiers.

What can CoSchedule do?

Primarily, it's a marketing and social media calendar, but if you run a WordPress blog (like this one), it's also a really easy way to auto-publish your content, schedule repeat posts and a whole lot more.

The marketing calendar is a useful tool for teams, and as well as allowing you to schedule and post updates directly, also lets different you assign different tasks (and attach notes) for each campaign.


We've spent most of our time using the integrated WordPress features and scheduling calendar, so that's where we're focusing here. Perhaps the most useful aspect to know about is the main calendar that shows all your content (blog) posts in the same place as your social posts.

Not only does this give you a good at-a-glance overview of where you might have gaps in your schedule, but it also lets you schedule new campaigns on the fly or re-use older ones. And if you do need to move something around, you can just drag-and-drop it.


The real value in CoSchedule isn't the difficulty of what it achieves, it's the simplicity in which it achieves it. Time is money, as the saying goes, and copy-pasting or manually entering every single social update for a busy blog just isn't a good use of time.

Once you've installed the WordPress plugin and connected the social accounts you want to use, all you need to do is check out your calendar and create a new social post. Alternatively, and my preference, each time you write a new blog post, you can set up initial and follow-up social campaigns directly from the WordPress post composition screen for all your connected social networks.


If you're not using WordPress, or need it just for marketing campaigns rather than content, you can manage everything through the Web dashboard.

And if you've just got no idea when the best time to send a tweet might be, or to make that post to Facebook, there's a scheduling option that allows you literally just select 'best time' and then forget about it.

Exactly how many people you have on your team and how many social accounts you can connect depends on which plan you opt for - and there's a free 14-day trial (that requires no payment info) so you can test-drive it before that.

Pricing ranges from $15 per month to $60 per month, with the main omission from the cheapest plan being the marketing calendar - you do get the editorial calendar and autoposting features though.

* This post contains affiliate links, but we do use CoSchedule for 10SECOND.TECH and stand behind the recommendation.

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