10second.tech is home to insightful, relevant tech news, advice, reviews and more, while providing an entirely transparent way for startups to achieve more coverage with expert oversight.

With past (and current) experience working with some of the world’s most popular technology sites, including The Next Web, Wired, Engadget, TrustedReviews and ZDNet/CNET for CBS Interactive.

So what’s different?

10SECOND.TECH is a site that will bring you the essence of the biggest tech stories, the essential bits that you just need to know. That doesn’t mean you only want half the story though, which is where a decade of context and experience comes in from me.

What you’re not going to get is 1,500 words on why Facebook just changed its font color, reviews that bore you so much you would rather just take your chances in buying the damn thing than read anymore about it. You’re not going to get long-winded advice that never gets to the point.

To make the news simple, it’s split into three categories: Good, Bad, and Odd.

Good‘ might be an exciting new product, a smart idea, or something altogether more worthy.

Bad‘ is pretty self-explanatory and will round up all the tech you should avoid – and the notable but depressing tech news. You remember that time Netflix hiked the price? Yeah. Exactly.

Odd‘ is for anything unusual that you might not normally find on a tech site – or it might just be a straight-up, weird-ass piece of news. Those happen too.

10SECOND.ANSWERS is a place for those niggling tech questions you have – ask me them instead and I’ll answer them on-site! The Insight section is for more thoughtful pieces, and debunking of myths and a few fun bits along the way here and there. (Yes, 13 reasons Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is better than you wasn’t entirely serious.)

RATED is for lightning fast reviews (split further into ‘Get’ and ‘Avoid’) and ShoutOut is the main channel for all the announcements, content marketing and sponsored content.

Keeping up with tech news shouldn’t be your full-time job when it’s already mine.

If you want to get in touch with me about 10SECOND.TECH or anything else, you can do that by sending a message to [email protected]. I also offer a free priority email service, as well as paid editing and publishing services too. You should check them out. All longer-term project enquiries or media consultancy should be made via benwoodsish.com or email in advance.