Artists create surrogate SMS hotline to stop you sending those angry messages

You know the feeling, right? That one where you’re apoplectic with rage and barely restraining yourself from┬ásending that highly-charged, emotional, and frequently inadvisable SMS? Of course you do.

Now, however, rather than torpedoing your career or long-standing friendships, you can text your irate and emotional messages to ‘When I Think About You I Text Myself‘ on 323.498.2368, if you’re in the US. Presumably, adding the international dialling code to that will work for anyone else.

The project is a collaboration between artists Hanny Ahern and Adam Rohksar, and technologist Chris Allick. For the initial project phase, the responses that will be sent out are written by the two artists.

“The message-in-a-bottle approach is an opportunity for an emotional release without concern for social repercussion. It allows the contributor to soothe their impulse, and use texting as a mode of poetic expression to find voice and grace. When I Think About You I Text Myself allows the artist to play the role of intermediary, as if to say, “I’ll receive you until you’re ready to receive yourself,” the trio wrote.

After that, people who sent messages will receive them back at three, six, nine and 12 month intervals, which is why it’s focused on receiving genuine and emotional messages, rather than ‘4got to buy milk’.