A (not so) brief history of music in an interactive chart, because you like that


Musicmap is the ultimate music history cheat sheet.


Seriously, this charted selection of cross-genre,¬†fully selectable and interactive music history, is a trove of musical nuggets, but it’s so much more than that. It shows the genealogy of popular genres and to which they’re most closely related.

It’s based on seven years of research and draws from over 200 sources, and the project, while acknowledging its shortcoming does a hell of a job.

“The ideal genealogy is not only complete and correct, but also easy to understand despite its complexity. This is a utopian balance that can never be achieved but only approached. By choosing the right amount of genres, determining forms of hierarchy and analogy and ordering everything in a logical but authentic manner, a satisfactory balance can be obtained.”

Combine it with yesterday’s Every Noise At Once and you’ll be armed with all the musical knowledge you need.