DJs, listen up: Edjing Mix 6 has arrived with a bunch of cool new features

OK, if you’re not a DJ or at least somewhat interested in music and making your own, you can pretty much stop reading now. Honestly, what were you thinking even clicking on that title if you didn’t expect this?

The rest of you, Edjing’s released the sixth version of its Mix DJ app, and the new version brings with it a whole host of handy new tools, including a completely overhauled interface (to make it easier to use), a new sampler that has colored drum pads on each deck and an overhauled audio engine with new effects that can be introduced into a mix in real-time.

Perhaps the most interesting thing, however, is that the app now supports more traditional DJing hardware, like MIDI and DVS (Digital Vinyl System) – so now you can connect your vinyl decks to the app too. Naturally, it’ll play nicely with the company’s own wireless ‘Mixfader’ crossfader too.

It’s free to download and available for iOS right now, with an Android version following along soon.