HERE WeGo is an awesome new transit app for urbanites


Mapping company HERE, spun out from Nokia and now backed by a consortium of car companies, has launched an app that makes city commuting as straightforward as possible with quickly accessible Points Of Interest (like cash machines, car hire, taxi ranks etc), and informative routesĀ for public transport, driving, walking or cycling.


The aim of Here WeGo is to bring all the travel options you could want to a single app. It’s not quite there yet – it doesn’t offer taxi hailing built in, for example – but it does a great job of taking the challenge to rivals like CityMapper. Rebranding it from HERE Maps to HERE WeGo is also a smart move.

Right now, you can use HERE WeGo for things like voice-guided driving directions (without needing a data connection) or getting a quick overview of all your different options to get to your destination. It works in 1,200 cities around the world and will also give you live traffic info in 55 countries, if driving.

The company says that in future, it’ll offer more car-sharing options (it currently has Car2Go integrated) and allow you to hail a taxi.

It’s available to download on iOS and Android for free from today.