If you drill a hole in your new iPhone 7 looking for a headphone jack then you’re a moron

Look, sometimes you just have to call something how it is, and in this instance, drilling a hole in the bottom of your iPhone 7 because you saw a YouTube video telling you it would reveal a secret headphone jack makes you at least ‘pretty silly indeed’ if not a full-blown ‘moron’.

Sure, there could be loads of reasons someone believed the video – on a channel dedicated to DESTROYING TECHNOLOGY. Or perhaps all the people claiming to have tried it themselves after watching the videosĀ are false.

You never really know on the Web, and that’s a lesson that anyone who has genuinely drilled a hole in their iPhone 7 just learned the hard way. But, you should know with something like this.

You really should.

Or maybe, just maybe, if the headphone socket was that important to you, buying an iPhone 7 was a dumb move.

Either way, there’s no sympathy here.