Star Wars ‘Trials on Tatooine’ VR experience free for HTC Vive owners


HTC teamed up with Valve and Lucasfilm to make the ‘Trials on Tatooine’ VR experience, which will be available for free to people with an HTC Vive headset from Monday.


“Strap on your Vive headset, take a remote in hand and let space and stars surround you. The opening crawl begins — the familiar Star Wars main theme triumphantly blaring — but this is no normal Star Wars prologue. It’s three-dimensional, you’re right on top of it. You learn that Luke Skywalker, having defeated Darth Vader and the Emperor, is looking to rebuild the Jedi Order. One hopeful Padawan is heading to Tatooine. That Padawan is you.”

This doesn’t really need a whole lot more explanation. Any Star Wars fan would likely love to have full 360-degree immersion in a universe that provides access to both the Millennium Falcon and a lightsaber.

You will, of course, need to have spent around £700/$700 on the headset and another $1.5k or so on a computer capable of powering it to get your free game though.