Toby is my new favorite Chrome extension for managing browser tabs

Tab overload, particularly with the memory hog that Chrome is, can be a real problem. It is for me, particularly when using my now ageing desktop. However, Toby is a really handy Chrome extension that helps keep everything organized, and it was updated this week with a free new syncing feature.

The Chrome extension previously offered a sync option, but in a slightly convoluted way that involved linking it to your Google Drive. Now, that’s no longer required.

As someone with a persistent interest in better ways to manage tabs, Toby has quickly become my new favourite tab manager by providing genuinely useful options in a simple, well-designed extension.

Once you’ve installed Toby, each time you open a new tab, you’ll find your list of saved tabs – or alternatively, you can hit the icon in your taskbar to access your lists of tabs, or to save the whole session. Across the top of the screen, you can jump directly to one of five different topics, that you can create as necessary. Or you can view all your saved tabs shown in lists on the ‘All’ tab. While you can create a whole load of different lists, you can only create up to five topics (you can think of these as ‘tags’ too, for filtering purposes).

The ‘All’ tab is by far the easiest way to move items between different lists, if you accidentally assign a page to the wrong one.

For my new favorite tab manager, I don’t actually use it as often as you might think, but it’s the times when I need to quickly assign my mess of open windows to a bunch of different lists before running out of the house that I truly appreciate the ease of Toby. It’s similarly useful to me when researching different topics for different stories.

Oh, and it’s free.

If you don’t see the new syncing feature yet, it’s being rolled out to users in batches to ensure a smooth transition. The Google Drive syncing feature will stop working from January 1, 2017, and will disappear after that date once you switch it off.