Warner Bros. requested Google remove its own site from Search results

As the neverending battle between pirates (the digital sort, not the sea-faring ones) and rights holders rages on, Warner Bros. has taken the odd decision to request the removal of several official websites from Google’s search results, including its own.

Requests for removal are commonplace, with rights holders alleging that Google makes it too easy to find pirated content.

According to TorrentFreak, through Warner Bros’ anti-piracy partner Vobile, the company has sent huge numbers of removal requests for pages returned in Google Search results. The only problem with that is that some of the requests are for its own movies, like The Dark Knight or The Matrix.


Not content to keeping screw-ups to its own sites, the company also requested that IMDB, Amazon and Sky TV links were all removed by Google. Those requests were all denied, thankfully.

Of course, it’s most likely just a sloppy mistake on a project that needed a little more oversight. It’s almost as if performing a Google search and copy-pasting the results might have been the extent on this occasion.

Fortunately for Warner Bros. the damage doesn’t run to anything more than light embarrassment this time.

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