Alexa 101: Getting Started with Amazon Echo Smart Assistants / Speakers

If you’re a proud owner of an Amazon Echo, lucky you, because there is a lot you can achieve with this exciting voice assistance device. It’s packed with many features that many are yet to discover how.

To help you get the most from Alexa or your Amazon Echo, here are a few tricks and tips:

1. Change the Wake Word ‘Alexa.’

It mustn’t always be Alexa all the time. You can change “Alexa” to something different. Probably, there is a member of the family with the name Alexa, Alex or something closer, head straight to the Alexa app or download it to your smartphone.

Click the devices tab> Select “Echo and Alexa” and click on your echo device > Select “Wake Word” >  Make your selection from Amazon, Echo, and Computer.

2. Connect your Bluetooth Speaker to Alexa

Alexa can be connected to your Bluetooth speaker if the sound quality appeals to you more. To do this, from Alexa app > settings and select the Echo you about to pair > choose Bluetooth to pair.

3. Add Calendar to Alexa

Your calendar details can be read out to you by Alexa from your Google, Microsoft or Apple accounts if you want to. This is how:

Go to settings > calendar > choose from any of Microsoft, Google or Apple

Once connected, go ahead and ask Alexa what is in your schedule and other specific details you may need.

4. Play Around Alexa Skills

Alexa gets even more entertaining for many users with Alexa skills to play around. They are apps you can enable on Alexa. They include offers such as games, news reports, meditation timers and much more. Ask Alexa straight ahead: “Help me get started with skills.” Enjoy the time playing games and to learn new words.

5. Everyone can have a Voice

You can take more away from the function of your Alexa by allowing everyone to have a personal voice. Ask Echo “Learn my voice” Then take some time to repeat what Alexa says, so he learns your voice. It allows you to receive and send private messages and get more done.

6. Voice Purchasing

Alexa gives you the privilege of buying things from Amazon using your default payment method and account. With voice purchasing, you can search and buy from Amazon and get it delivered to your home. Anyone can do this with your Alexa, even kids, so be careful. You can add voice purchasing code though for your protection. To do this:

Go to Settings > Voice purchasing.

7. Make Alexa Read to You

A personalized experience is what you get with linking your Echo to your Amazon account. When you feel like relaxing in the cool of the evenings, Alexa can read the Audible library collections or kindle books you’ve got earlier from Amazon.

8. Set Up Smart Home Devices

One of the significant skills Alexa has is working with devices around the home. “Works with Alexa” are the usual labels you’ll find with those gadgets. Link and power up the device, Say, “Alexa discover my devices” Echo goes ahead to scan for it. You may initially need to add a skill that allows you to sign into that account for the service.

The best use that can come from your Alexa device is determined by how much you can accomplish with it – it’s supposed to make your life more convenient, after all.