The easiest way to download, convert or GIF a YouTube video (but probably not for long)

There are always new tools that let you download and convert YouTube videos, but they tend to be ugly, clunky and broken. Conv is none of those things, and lets you download MP4 files, convert a selection from a video to a GIF or download the file as an audio-only MP3.

How long it will last is another question – these sorts of services tend to get stomped on pretty quickly, but right now it’s the easiest way to download YouTube videos. You do own the copyright to the files you’re downloading though, right?

To get started, you don’t even need to install anything – just visit any video you want to download and add ‘conv’ after the www. but before the bit.


From there, you’re bounced across to a page to choose the type of file you want to download (featured image above).

Depending on which you opt for, you’re then forwarded to another page. If you choose the GIF option, you get a nifty (and easy to use) slider and tools to quickly create the GIF you want.


It’s hardly novel as an idea, but it’s probably the neatest YouTube download service I’ve seen.