McDonalds stops handing out wearable for kids over McRash fears

McDonalds has stopped handing out an activity tracker with Happy Meals as it could cause a rash. Kids are now being given a different toy instead.


According to the Beeb, a company spokesperson said that there were “limited reports” of the Step-It band causing a rash, so it took the precautionary measure. It’s worth noting, these were only being distributed in the US and Canada.

The bands were, apparently, a way to entice kids to get moving more by using flashing lights to indicate how fast they were going. It was also the latest attempt by the world’s biggest fast-food chain to shed its image contributing to childhood obesity.

It’s also by no means the first time that McDonalds has flirted with technology – its added wireless charging in some stores and gave away a VR viewer.

And yeah, OK, McRash isn’t a thing, but it could be.