Messaging app Line’s launched a Vine rival called Moments

Messaging service Line has launched a new app today called Moments that lets you share 10-second looping videos, just like Vine.

There are included basic editing tools for creating slow motion or unnaturally sped up forward or backward looping videos, and some filters to make your images and videos look a bit more fancy.

You don’t even need to record a video to use Line Moments, you can just string together a bunch of images from your phone gallery and post that as one instead. And, of course, no self-respecting micro video-sharing app would be complete without the obligatory sharing and following options.

It’s only available on Android for now, but Line says an iOS version is on the way.

The name, however, might not have been the best choice. There’s already a Facebook app called Moments and Twitter has a feature called Moments.