MIT launches new anonymous network that’s ‘more secure than TOR’


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has launched a new anonymity network that it claims is more secure than TOR because it combines a number of different privacy techniques.


Called Riffle, the new system uses a “mixnet” (collection of servers), which automatically rearrange the order in which each receives messages before passing it along to the next, thereby leaving no track of where it came from or went. On top of this it also uses the same onion encryption as TOR, and an anti-tamper technology to prevent anyone from injecting their own code and therefore negating the privacy features.

Before being delivered, the authenticity of each message is verified.


While many people thought TOR completely anonymous, it’s now known to be susceptible from monitoring from law enforcement agencies, who have previously managed to track the exit nodes on the TOR network to work out the identity of users. In theory, this shouldn’t be possible with Riffle.