Google’s real-time analytics have been broken for the last 2 days [Update: Working again!]

Update: After nearly four days for some users – us included – Google’s real-time analytics are now working again. Breath easy, site owners.

There’s nothing like working carefully on your content calendar, planning things out, delivering and then sitting back to watch the traffic roll in. Unfortunately, for more than a day, Google Analytics’ real-time reporting feature has been down for many users.

According to a number of tweets, the inability to access real-time data has been going on since September 6, with Google confirming that “some users” were indeed suffering problems.

Slightly unhelpfully, Google’s Service Status pages have not reported a problem at any point over the last two days.

In our experience, the problem seems to affect users randomly. Yesterday, the feature was working for us, today it is not.

If you’re in that unlucky group, the message you’ll see is this:

“Resource is not available. Please try again later. One or more of the services on which we depend is unavailable. Please try again later after the service has had a chance to recover.”

Update: Some users are reporting that mobile real-time analytics are working correctly, but they still aren’t able to access them on the desktop.