Opera Sync hacked, passwords and logins stolen

Opera might well have finally found a company willing to buy its browser business out, but it’s still not exactly splashing around in good news following confirmation of a breach of its systems.

The company says that the attack was quickly blocked, but that it was likely too late to protect some Opera Sync users’ passwords and login details. It says, a tiny bit reassuringly, that only encrypted, hashed or salted (i.e. not plain text) passwords are stored but still reset all Opera Sync users’ passwords anyway.

Needless to say, if you do happen to be an Opera user and re-use the same passwords everywhere then:

1) You’re a dumbass, stop using the same password everywhere.

2) Go and change them all immediately. They will end up for sale on the dark net sooner or later, so it’s your choice whether you bother or not.