Uber’s letting you book cars in advance in London from today

Uber’s car service – love it or hate it – has one irritating feature: it’s great for when you want a ride now, but is useless if you need that 3AM taxi to the airport booked.

From today, that’s not a problem for passengers in London, who can start booking journeys in advance, rather than chancing their luck – from 4PM BST today. Minimum advance bookings are set at 15 minutes and you can make a reservation for up to 30 days in advance.


Unsurprisingly, this feature plays most towards Uber’s ambition to attract more of the business market, which often need pre-booked and assured trips rather than last-minute hops. As such, the features available first to Uber for Business users (or people with a Business Profile) and will continue to roll out to everyone else in the next two weeks.

The news follows the introduction of fixed fares in San Francisco, another way in which Uber’s becoming more of a regular taxi company every day.