Thieves can steal a Jeep in 6 minutes with just a laptop


A pair of hackers-turned-thieves (or thieves-turned-hackers perhaps) were caught after stealing several Jeep and Dodge cars in the Houston area armed with nothing more than a laptop.


According to ABC13 and the Houston Police Department, it took just six minutes to get in, start the car and be on their merry way. In some cases, the stolen cars were then tracked to Mexico.

And the kicker of the story? Even the software the thieves were using to steal the cars was pirated.

That also means there’s an easily attainable version of it out there for any other ne’re do wells and there’s pretty much nothing Jeep owners can do about it.

With the increasing integration of ‘smart’ technologies into cars, this is an area that’s going to need close scrutiny – we’ve already seen how a Chrysler Jeep could be hacked and remote controlled before.