What You Need To Know Before Buying A Smart Mattress or Bed

Smart this, smart that and now, the smart mattress is here. But what makes a mattress smart? A smart mattress is a design that comes with a technology embedded in it.

You can imagine a mattress with an intelligence system and an IQ that is higher than people sleeping on it. That is what a smart mattress is. Before you go out there to look for one to buy, wouldn’t it be good you are armed with all that you need to know about a smart mattress?

What makes smart mattress unique are the features installed on them. Here is a little guide to help you all the way to aid your buying decision.

1. Sleep tracking

 Sleep tracking is one of the leading features in a smart mattress. The feature tells you how much sleep you had when on it.

Knowing fully well that the amount of sleep a person had has a great impact on health; a smart mattress will correctly calculate the amount of time you spend on the bed by monitoring your movement.

How much turning and how often you move, all add up to the result. A smart mattress is also able to analyze your breathing and heart rate.

2. Smart Home Connectivity

Integration with other home appliances is an exciting feature of a smart mattress. The beauty of this feature is seen when your mattress is able to communicate with all other devices such as door locks, speakers, and lights.

How does it feel when you wake up in the morning and asks Google assistance how your sleep went for the night because it is integrated with the voice Assistance.

Connection with an alarm system and lighting setups are some other potential options for connecting your smart mattress to your home.

3. Automatically Adjust Mattress Firmness

There are choices you can make on a mattress as regards firmness when sleeping on it. A firm mattress protects you from having back pains if you’re a tummy sleeper. 

A medium firm mattress gives support to the lumbar region, a good one for you if you’re a back sleeper. For partners with different sleeping styles, customization can be done on each side to meet individual’s needs.

4. Climate Control

Many smart mattresses come with climate control features. These mattresses are equipped with heating/cooling systems to stay warm during cold nights.

Some designs with advanced features can allow the flow of cool air when required. You can also enjoy dual climate with some smart mattress. The smart mattress can split into two zones of cold and warm climates on the same bed for different sleepers.

5. Anti-snoring features

If anything can be more practical with a smart mattress, anti-snoring is one. This feature can detect when you snore and help adjust the position of the bed to help you stop snoring.

The mattresses are equipped with sensors that can detect when snoring begins and gently changes the position of the mattress to put the situation under control.

There are other great features in a smart mattress you should take time to find out when buying an intelligent mattress the next time you want to. Hopefully, this few will give you a head start on where to begin.

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