How to Choose the Best Smart Plugs for Your Home

Now you’ve got a great collection of smart appliances in your home except for the smart plug. This time you are pondering on what should determine how you choose the best smart plug to make life easier.

The real deal about finding the right smart plug for you depends on a whole lot of parameters. You should ask yourself what you want in a smart plug. To choose right, here is a simple guide for you.

Pick the Correct Smart Plug Design

This one might sound dumb, but smart plugs have different outlet designs. You want to check for one that fits into your requirement. Sometimes it is difficult to tell whether the shape will work to allow other gadgets.

Adjacent outlets should have enough space around it to allow the use of other devices. Perhaps you want a neighbouring plug to be used on the plug you’re gunning for, check the design to make sure it fits rightly.

Check Compatibility

Compatibility features are vital when choosing a smart plug for your home. The first compatibility test you should do is on voice assistance. Some voice assistance don’t work with some smart plugs. You need this feature to easily control dumb devices with your voice. Find out if the smart plug works with Alexa, Google assistance or other voice assistance to be sure.

Choose the Best Smart Plug Based on Features You’ll Use

Choosing a smart plug goes beyond the aesthetics, the features you want should guide you to pick right. This is where you have to lookout for a whole lot of issues. To help you pick right, here are few features you may wish to have in your smart plug.

  • Ability to monitor energy and devices –the feature lets you know how much energy devices connected to it are consuming daily, weekly or monthly. The smart plugs app displays this. A temperature rise in appliances can be detected through this monitoring feature.
  • Ability to disable faulty gadgets automatically – this helps to control issues that have to do with short circuits. Most smart plugs have this feature installed.
  • Switch ON and OFF schedule- having a smart plug with this feature enables you to schedule a time to turn on and off your TV, fan, and light among others. Many smart plugs provide this function to help you with regular routines in the morning and other periods.
  • Switch OFF and ON using a smartphone- regardless of where you are or even when you are not sure of switching off an appliance, this feature allows you to switch it off right on the smartphone. All you need is a press on the smartphone and that does it for you.
  • Away Mode – this great feature practically allows you to set date and time for a switch ON and OFF the smart plug even when not at home.

Have you got a smart plug for your gadgets safety or have just added to your smart tech collections for the home? What is it like and how has it helped you to do things more easily?