Mishu’s dating app is like Tinder, but with an attempt at fun

Ask anyone that uses Tinder [way too much] and they’ll tell you that swiping your way through endless profile photos on the gets old pretty quickly. Mishu’s dating app aims to add a little spice into the tried-and-tested swipe format for dating with the introduction of personality cards.

In essence, it’s Tinder (in that you swipe your way through profile pictures) interspersed with the occasional simple question, like ‘House of Cards or Game of Thrones?’. With such soul-searching questions, you’re destined to find your true love, of course. Or, if you don’t spend your whole life sat around watching TV, you can make up your own questions too.

You’ll then be notified if any of your matches also like the same things as you, ie. gave the same response to the questions. 

It’s a fairly minor twist on Tinder, but if you’ve already ‘completed’ that app, you might want to give Mishu a look.

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