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Google Home review (UK): Great, but not essential

With Google Home now available in the UK at around £150, it was time to spend some time ...

A frustrating 20-minute conversation with Microsoft’s new chatbot Zo

Zo is Microsoft's newest chatbot, this time available via Kik Messenger, and while they ...
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Review: CHiP is fun, but a robot dog probably is just for Christmas

WowWee, a company that makes robotic toys, essentially, has launched CHiP, a robot dog ...
Smart Gadgets & Toys

Review: Anki’s AI robot trucks are pricey fun for all ages

Last year, Anki's Overdrive robot car racing Starter Kit really impressed me. For anyone ...

Human OS: If biohacking is the future, isn’t supporting proprietary platforms crazy?

Technology is already being put to good use in healthcare, and with new developments come ...

Future farms: Driverless tractors with no cabs and AI-sorted cucumbers

You hear a lot about the impending arrival of driverless cars on our roads, but check out ...

Coming soon: Disembodied sex robots with sass

Let's go ahead and plant this one firmly in the 'Odd' category: RealDoll, a company that ...

Google’s DeepMind partners with NHS: All the better to see you with

Nutshell: Google's partnered with the NHS' Moorfields eye-hospital in London to apply ...